“The first time I had a High Vibration Distance healing with Jami, I did not know what to expect.  But this is what happened… I laid down on my bed with candles burning and soft meditation music playing.  I could tell when she first started….it was like a wave of gentleness settling over me followed by an explosion of color …almost in the shape of a flower!  I fell asleep during the healing and woke up feeling very refreshed!  I dreamed a lot that night… a lot of repressed feelings to deal with.  I feel like my journey to healing has started.  The next day I felt the energy still around me.

The second time I was more aware of what to expect.  Jami messages me before she starts which gives me time to settle in to a relaxed state.  My specific intentions for this session were Clarity and Acceptance.  This time, I felt lots of tingling and color swirls!  I fell asleep and upon waking I felt refreshed and energized.  Jami and I messaged back and forth to help me understand our experience together and discussed the meanings of the energies I felt from her as a healer.  It is a wonderful experience!  I would encourage this healing.  It is a deep rooted spiritual sense that I have never experienced before!  Very uplifting!”

~ Ann Thompson