Last year, I found myself in a strange place in my career. I loved what I was doing but something was off. At the time, I couldn’t pinpoint what was happening. I made the tough decision to take a step back from something I had thrown my entire being into creating. The truth is, my businesses were going in a direction that was no longer in alignment with who I was and who I wanted to be. I intentionally…consciously…allowed them to drift away because I no longer wanted that for myself.

I find myself lately, allowing those dreams of what the future could hold to float in and out…easily and peacefully. No stress attached to them. No worry about the how’s and why’s. Just a loving awareness that I’m headed toward something that is in perfect alignment with who I have become and the me that’s out there in the future, waiting patiently for the current me to arrive.

I’m allowing myself to drop the masks that have been placed on me by myself and others. It’s getting easier for me to say, “This no longer belongs to me.” What a relief to throw those old aspects of self into the flames that are fueling massive changes in my life. I am content, for the first time in a long time, with just allowing my life to flow. So I flow, towards a destination I can’t see, but that I trust is perfectly laid out so that I can be of service to those who need me…myself included.

The Flow of Healing

I was doing a massage today and the thought came to me that, just like spiritual and energetic healing, there are many layers when it comes to physical healing, as well. When I allow myself to just flow during a session, those layers appear to me so easily. When I fight against that flow, not only do I hinder the healing of my clients, I also don’t allow for healing in myself.

In my own healing, I am still learning to go with the flow. A year ago, I was deep in period of burnout. I found myself exhausted and ready to quit. I was always thinking and planning what the next session would look like, especially when it came to new clients. There were times when I would turn off my mind and, when the session was over, walk out of the room thinking that I should have done more…my clients, however, almost always walked out saying it was the best massage they had ever had. I started to realize that if I just allowed the session to go where my intuition was pointing it, I came out more relaxed myself and my clients saw even more benefits.

Still, the constant drain of learning new client’s bodies and energy was taking its toll, so I decided to take a small step back. I took a job managing a counseling center where some of the most extraordinary women I’ve ever met work. I cut back to seeing only my regular clients and started working on my own healing even more. I listen to my body now and know that when a physical symptom comes up, it is more than likely related to something on a spiritual, energetic, or even mental level. Being led to work with counselors opened up another resource for me and one that I can present to my clients when I feel there is something outside of my scope of practice that needs to be worked on.

Creating resistance in my work and my life, causes suffering and impedes healing. I’m still learning this and still learning to let go of needing to be in control of everything. I’m learning to trust that spirit will always point me in the right direction. I’m learning to stop doubting those moments of intuition. I’m learning that if I allow it, I will naturally flow to a place where I can heal myself and where I can help others on their journey, as well.

New Business Coaching Service!

For several years now, I have felt called to coach others in creating a business they love.  For several years, I have also told myself that I wasn’t good enough!  I have been working hard at healing that part of myself, and after having several people tell me over the past few weeks that I should start doing business coaching, I decided it was time to put it out to the Universe that it’s something I’m ready to do…or maybe it was the Universe putting it out there to me that I’m ready.  🙂

I officially started my own business about six years ago.  I dove head first into running my own massage therapy practice after finding it hard to work for others in my area.  These were great businesses, but I had been doing massage for 12 years at the time and felt like I was ready to give running my own place a shot.  I wanted to create a place that my clients loved walking into and that I loved too.  So I set to work and I fell in love with my job all over again.

I did several business coaching sessions with a “famous” massage therapist at the start of my business adventure and found that instead of listening to what I wanted to create, she just told me what I needed to do to make money.  She didn’t seem to care about what vision I had of my perfect business.  I had no desire to bill insurance companies, but that’s what she told me that I needed to focus on.  I wasted time and money trying to promote a service that I wasn’t passionate about.  After about eight months, I stopped trying to do things her way and followed my intuition.  In a very short time, I was overflowing with clients.

I believe that not only my successes, but also the times that I have failed, have built up a skill set in me that will be a huge benefit for anyone who is ready to go out on their own.  I built a successful business by being conscious of my own needs and those of my clients.  I would honored to help you do the same.

To schedule a session, go to my Services page and scroll down to the Business Coaching session.  After you have completed your purchase, contact me at to set up your appointment.  I can’t wait to work with you!