The Flow of Healing

I was doing a massage today and the thought came to me that, just like spiritual and energetic healing, there are many layers when it comes to physical healing, as well. When I allow myself to just flow during a session, those layers appear to me so easily. When I fight against that flow, not only do I hinder the healing of my clients, I also don’t allow for healing in myself.

In my own healing, I am still learning to go with the flow. A year ago, I was deep in period of burnout. I found myself exhausted and ready to quit. I was always thinking and planning what the next session would look like, especially when it came to new clients. There were times when I would turn off my mind and, when the session was over, walk out of the room thinking that I should have done more…my clients, however, almost always walked out saying it was the best massage they had ever had. I started to realize that if I just allowed the session to go where my intuition was pointing it, I came out more relaxed myself and my clients saw even more benefits.

Still, the constant drain of learning new client’s bodies and energy was taking its toll, so I decided to take a small step back. I took a job managing a counseling center where some of the most extraordinary women I’ve ever met work. I cut back to seeing only my regular clients and started working on my own healing even more. I listen to my body now and know that when a physical symptom comes up, it is more than likely related to something on a spiritual, energetic, or even mental level. Being led to work with counselors opened up another resource for me and one that I can present to my clients when I feel there is something outside of my scope of practice that needs to be worked on.

Creating resistance in my work and my life, causes suffering and impedes healing. I’m still learning this and still learning to let go of needing to be in control of everything. I’m learning to trust that spirit will always point me in the right direction. I’m learning to stop doubting those moments of intuition. I’m learning that if I allow it, I will naturally flow to a place where I can heal myself and where I can help others on their journey, as well.

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